GTD Tree  v.

GTD Tree is an application intended for the management of tasks, projects, objectives, ideas, etc. The Getting Things Done(GTD) method rests on the principle that a person needs to move tasks out of the mind by recording them externally.

GTD Timer

Productivity Scientific GTD Timer is a simple and easy to use software countdown timer focused on GTD (Getting Things Done) approach. It is free for personal use. The software designed with excellent ergonomics, perfect design and simplicity in mind. Main


GTD-R  v.0.94

The main feature of GTD is that it enables you to manage such complicated works by taking action. The following three steps summarize the main points of putting GTD into practice.

Power GTD  v.

power GTD is to-do (tasks) application. It's designed to fully support world-renowned method named GTD. It's the first real GTD application for Windows Phone devices.

Kinkless GTD  v.0.83

Kinkless GTD is a free Mac-based "getting things done" list management system.

GTD-Free  v.0.6.beta

GTD-Free is personal TODO/action manager inspired by GTD (Getting Things Done) method by David Allen.

Simple GTD for Windows or Mac  v.1.0

Scripts for Windows or Mac that implement a simple GTD (Getting Things Done) system of 43-folders using Windows Explorer or the Finder rather than a traditional application.

Gtd-php  v.0.7

Web-based implementation of Getting Things Done

Check Off - A GTD Task manager application that syncs with Dropbox  v.5.0.2

CheckOff is a to-do application that can use DropBox or similar services to synchronize data between your Mac OS computers.

TaskMerlin Task Management Software

TaskMerlin is a project management software and GTD software tool that makes it simple to organize projects, tasks and to-do lists, and share them with colleagues

Smart To-Do List

Smart To-Do List is a Microsoft Windows based to-do list application. Smart To-Do List can be used to implement GTD (Getting Things Done). Some of the key features include: Project Based Organization, Tagging of To-Do List Tasks, Prioritizing To-Do List

Power To-Do List  v.1.30

Do you have the Power To Do? Power To-Do List is a powerful, easy-to-use, GTD-friendly to-do list program that helps you get more done in less time than ever before. It's the last to-do list program you'll ever need.

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